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Man-in-the-Street Video for a New Business Pitch

We took our cameras and crew to NYC’s Central Park to interview teens and twenty-somethings on their favorite brands and media. The video was used by our client, a top-ten PR firm, in their new business pitch to a major consumer electronics manufacturer. And they won the business! New biz videos can add some energy/humor/excitement while helping lend support to the strategies and recommendations in your pitch. TED-TV Productions is the PR industry’s leading producer of videos for new business pitches/presentations.

Videos can be used in many ways during new biz pitches, including:
– testimonials from clients or media
– man-in-the-street videos to back up research or an agency’s recommended strategies
– focus group videos, again to present research or support recommended strategies
– highlight/sizzle reels of agency’s past work
– “Meet the Team” videos showcasing the agency staffers
– messages from key agency staff who cannot attend the new business pitch
– montages of clips from TV/movies to illustrate current mind-set about the client’s business

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